Pregnancy & Babies

Craniosacral Therapy for Pregnancy & Babies

Craniosacral therapy may be used before conception, for both women and men to help clear structural or emotional restrictions that may be in the way of conception, and is supportive for those who may be experiencing difficult emotions due to infertility.

From conception a baby copes with much change and development. It is influenced by everything in its environment, especially the nutritional, physical and emotional wellbeing of its mother.

During pregnancy the increasing weight of the baby, as it develops in the womb, means that the mother’s pelvis and spine has to adapt and alter its position, this can cause discomfort to the mother, which may cause her anxiety. Having regular treatments throughout the pregnancy Craniosacral therapy may ease many of the physical and emotional symptoms. Helping the mother and baby become more comfortable, relaxed and feeling positive towards the pregnancy and the birth. Craniosacral therapy may be used right up to the early stages of labour

Treatment for Babies

The most common reasons mothers and fathers bring babies for Craniosacral therapy is that the baby is suffering from colic, sleeping troubles or digestive problems. These symptoms may be present due to birth trauma and many parents report improvements after just a few treatments. During a treatment the baby remains clothed and can be done while the baby is sleeping or feeding. Initial light contact is made at the feet and treatment is then baby led.