Do you suffer from menstrual pain? Is it difficult to have a smear test? Are you struggling with fertility issues? Do you have PCOS? Do you have digestive problems, or IBS? Are you struggling with menopausal symptoms? Have you had any abdominal surgery, including caesarean section? Are you pregnant or just had a baby?


Mizan Therapy uses traditional reproductive healing techniques to gently guide the reproductive organs back into their place.
When the womb is in her optimum position she no longer restricts the circulatory flow of blood, lymph, nerves and qi energy.
The body is primed for homoeostasis – that is, the body wants to be in balance. Mizan Therapy assists the body in restoring its natural balance.

Mizan Therapy is a gentle but effective way of massaging the abdomen that improves the flow of circulatory fluids of the blood, lymph and nervous systems to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that hold the internal organs in their optimum positions. Mizan Therapy relieves congestion and helps to remove blockages to stimulate physical and emotional health and well-being.

How does Mizan Therapy help women?

The uterus is held in place by muscles and ligaments that can become contracted or over-stretched, allowing the womb to move out of her optimum position. This can lead to many varied symptoms. Mizan Therapy strengthens the ligaments, allowing them to heal and as they do so, guiding the uterus back into her centre.

I also offer a combined treatment of Mizan followed by craniosacral.

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